We are inviting you to a collaborative creative exercise where different experts from different fields will work together in order to (re)imagine play!
If you think that the playgrounds from our city can be improved, more attractive and more interactive, join us!
If you think that the playgrounds can be made more accessible for all the kids, join us!
If you think that playgrounds/ toys can also have an education purpose through play, join us!
You do not need to come with a very definite idea, you can develop it here; and we encourage you to do it here together with other experts! Our feedback jury and other advisors will guide through the process!
So, if you are a parent, designer, architect, IT expert, artist, artisan, psychologist, educator, please join us. Only together we can make our city more... playful! :)


Play is about fun, creative learning, interaction and making friends. And as we all like to play let us re-imagine attractive playable spaces and inspiring playgrounds! Let us re-imagine the ideal public open-space considering playability and sociability, where all of us have a place; where children and adults of different ability levels, regardless of their cultural and social background, are brought together, that is accessible for everyone, where all can spend valuable time and are inspired to play!


Impact Hub Cluj Napoca and BeeTwo challenge you to join us at our first kick-off makeathon to create an inclusive open playscape for Cluj!
This first makeathon will focus on designing (temporary or fixed) integrative outdoor structures that can be placed anywhere in the city. These can be sound installations, sculptures or objects made of different textures and materials, digitally fabricated or the use of artisanal ways of manufacturing, anything is possible!
There will be experts, including children, there to help you with feedback and guidance.
We can’t wait for your creative juices to flow so we can jointly come up with some amazing and constructive ideas rethinking play, community and public urban space!

Who Can Attend?

Everyone who is interested and up for the challenge! We believe that interdisciplinary teams come-up with the most original, innovative, and creative ideas. Therefore no matter your background if you are a local resident, parent, designer, artist, architect, landscaper, materials expert, artisan, teacher, psychologist, medical personnel, IT people, we need your help and want your input.


21 - 23 October 2016


Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca

Event Costs

Tickets are free for anyone who registers. We will provide food, drinks, and materials for the full duration of the makeathon.

Event Hosts

Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca contributes to the local economy by igniting a new generation of startups, by hosting curated entrepreneurial communities and by connecting unlikely allies.
BeeTwo a startup creating digital tools that create social impact. Factline provide customised online collaboration environments focused on efficient and reliable long-term cooperation of open minded teams.


Friday, October 21st

18:00 - open end  
18:00 - 18:15 Welcoming
18:15 - 18:45 Briefing/ Input Presentation
20 min. Expert input & Inspirational Session
15 min. coffee break informal meet
19:30 - 20:30 Team Building
open end: Teams define challenges/ problems to solve

Saturday, October 22nd

10:00 - open end
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Input/ Inspirational Session, new people in groups/ team building
11:00 -  Time to develop projects
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00  - Time to develop projects
16:00 -18:00 - Interim "Presentation"
18:00 - Time to develop projects

Sunday, October 23rd

10:00 coffee-break
10:15 - Time to improve and finish projects
12.30 - 13.30 - lunch
13:30 - Time to improve and finish projects
16:00 - Final Presenation
18:00 - Wrap-up and final discussion

Makeathon - (Re)Imagine Play Mentors

Mentors will act as consultants for you during the Makeathon. You will be able to ask questions, tell your ideas and progress. As this is a collaborative and creative exercise, the jury will guide, advise and orient you during the process.
Președinte Ordinul Arhitecților din România
Prof. univ. dr. ing. Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca Facultatea de Construcții de Mașini Departamentul de Ingineria Proiectării și Robotică
Președinte Cluj IT Cluster
Laura Visu-Petra
Conferențiar universitar, Departamentul de Psihologie, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai
Prorector UAD Cluj
Mihnea George Ciprian - Gipa
Lector universitar doctor UAD Cluj-Napoca