Central European Startup awards


Central European Startup Awards is the biggest no-pitch, no-conference startup festival in CE region celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit.

Their aim is to inspire, stimulate and recognize entrepreneurship throughout the CEE region, whilst connecting a community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters from diverse and complementing backgrounds. They do not focus solely on cool new startups, but on the entire startup ecosystem: from the investors and journalists to the founders and the developer heroes who keep on shaping our world every day with their tireless effort to create and innovate.


These days everyone is focusing on the global hubs like the Bay Area, London, Berlin and so on, and that certainly makes a lot of sense. But at the same time, we miss a lot of potential cooperations and synergies on a 100+ million open market as we simply don’t know each other in our own neighbourhood. Our mission is to do something about it, get the startup ecosystems of the region physically together, by celebrating our success stories and breaking down the borders and enhance communication amongst the different players/stakeholders of these neighbouring, still historically isolated countries. By having a look at the sponsors, you will see that we share this vision and mission with a lot of amazing brands.

The startups and the ecosystems focus on 12 categories:

– Startup of the Year
– Best Indie Game Developer
– Best FinTech Startup
– Best IoT Startup
– Investor of the Year
– Most Influential Women
– Best Startup Office
– Best Early Stage Startup
– Best Acceleration/ Incubation Program
– Best User Experience
– Best Social Impact Startup
– Best AI/ Chatbot Solution

– Best CoWorking Space


The nominations have started and you can send yours here!

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Date & Time

September 8, 2016 to September 25, 2016 | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Updated on 12 September 2016